About Us

Wyatt & Associates Protection Division (W.A.P.D.)


Wyatt & Associates Protection Division (W.A.P.D.), a division of Wyatt & Associates, Inc., founded in 2014 provides a superior level of security services to the growing national market.

We have all thought or heard, “Where are the cops when you need them?” The fact is, police departments are forced into a reactionary state of operation because they operate with too few officers on too small a budget. These circumstances result in longer response times ultimately exposing citizens and business to greater risk. Law Enforcement agencies are so busy chasing criminals that have already committed crimes, they are unable to focus on prevention of crimes.

W.A.P.D. excels at mitigating the risk and increasing opportunities for crime prevention. We believe security should be handled by those with the highest level of experience, training, and professionalism. W.A.P.D. Officers serve or have served in law enforcement. There is no one better to provide security services to both public and private entities. They have extensive public safety training throughout their careers and are intimately familiar with the law.

Our Mission Statement:

Wyatt & Associates Protection Division will provide a superior level of service to our clients while exceeding expectations. We will ensure clients consistently receive the highest level of professional service customized to meet their specific needs.

What makes W.A.P.D. different:

  • W.A.P.D. listens carefully to clients’ concerns allowing us to identify their needs, then create security deployments that satisfy the clients’ objectives. We get to know you better to create a truly effective security plan, customized to your specific requirements.
  • W.A.P.D. security deployments take into account current industry regulations and potential liabilities pertaining to our clients’ security requests. We will not mitigate one liability only to expose you to another.
  • W.A.P.D. maintains training levels above the state minimums and ensures all personnel maintain applicable industry certifications. State minimums fall woefully short of adequate training levels. Other companies’ security guards are ineffective as a result. WAPD Officers are highly effective due to their superior training and experience.
  • W.A.P.D. takes a proactive approach to maintaining the quality of service we provide. All clients are encouraged to provide us with feedback at any time. All feedback is reviewed by our CEO, Board of Directors, and Command Staff so adjustments to our policies and procedures will be made where appropriate.
  • We love what we do, and you will too!


Providing highly trained active, off-duty, and former Law Enforcement Officers for your private security needs nationwide.