Special Tasks Group (STG)

The W.A.P.D. Special Tasks Group (STG) was formed to address security situations outside of standard operations. Members of this group are known as STG Agents.

Below are some examples of assignments for which STG Agents would likely be deployed:

  • High Threat / Profile Executive Protection (HTEP)
  • Covert Executive Protection (CEP)
  • High Value Asset Protection (HVAP)
  • High Risk Escort Duty (HRE)

W.A.P.D. STG Agents can have more varied backgrounds than our Uniformed Officers including Law Enforcement SWAT, US Armed Forces (USMC, USN, USA, USAF & USCG), Individuals that have received highly specialized training and certifications, etc…BACK

Providing highly trained active, off-duty, and former Law Enforcement Officers for your private security needs nationwide.