ISIS in the US – 11/18/2015

As I am sure you are no doubt aware, the recent attacks in Paris, France were carried out by the Terrorist group known as ISIS. The ISIS Terrorists infiltrated the Syrian refugees that fled to France. ISIS has recently sworn to carry out these types of attacks on US soil. ISIS has named 5 states and over 1400 US cities. The US has also taken in thousands Syrian refugees and it is very likely they have been infiltrated by ISIS as well. ISIS has already claimed to have done so and there is no prudent reason to believe otherwise. Below are two maps. The first map shows areas where Syrian refugees have been located on US soil so far; The second map shows states that are refusing (red) or accepting (green) more Syrian refugees.

As you can see from the first map Syrian refugees have been accepted all over the country. ISIS has already claimed to have infiltrated these refugees. As shown on the second map, there are many states that plan to continue accepting these refugees. It is safe to say that areas that have received them already will be receiving many more. It is also prudent to assume the new influx of refugees will have ISIS infiltrators as well considering ISIS has claimed they will.

The FBI has officially said there are currently over 1000 active terror plot investigations related to ISIS in the US and ISIS operatives are believed to be in all 50 states. They will likely be focused on high population areas and venues where large groups of people gather.

Be vigilant everyone. Keep your heads up and out of your phones so that you have a greater chance of identifying a threat before it is upon you. Know where exits are and think in advance as to how you will escape. The body will not go where the mind has not been. WAPD wants for you all to remain safe. Whether you believe there is a credible threat or not, there is nothing wrong with being prepared. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

WAPD will be here if you need us.

Article By: Christopher Wyatt, President & CEO

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