Security Consultations / Assessments

ChessW.A.P.D. provides you with a security consultation prior to implementing any security strategies. We will work with you to determine an appropriate course of action and proper staffing levels to ensure the best results. Often this consultation is conducted over the phone when you first contact W.A.P.D.. In these cases the consultation is provided as part of our service to you at no additional charge.

For more comprehensive Security Assessments, W.A.P.D. can provide you with an on-site evaluation of current security issues and possible means to address those issues. Fees for this service can vary depending on several factors. However, in most cases this fee or a portion thereof can offset the cost of services should you decide to have W.A.P.D. provide for your security needs.

Some of our clients already have their own dedicated security team in place and simply want to have our seasoned professionals improve upon the results they are seeing. In these circumstances we provide your consultation for a reasonable fee. Again, this fee can be reduced or eliminated if you elect to contract W.A.P.D. to supplement or coordinate your existing security personnel.

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