Workplace Violence Prevention & Intervention

The United States Department of Labor defines workplace violence as, “any physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse occurring in the work setting.” Workplace violence can be classified into four types, each of which presents its own unique challenges to prevention and response.

W.A.P.D. Officers are well versed in the methods required to intervene in each one of the four types of Workplace Violence. Their careers as Law Enforcement Officers give them the experience, training, and professionalism required to handle the unique set of circumstances associated with each type.

W.A.P.D. can assist you with developing a plan to help prevent workplace violence situations and minimize the associated risks. We can also assist you with training your staff to respond appropriately if they are faced with one of these terrifying and potentially deadly situations.

Due to  their superior experience and training, W.A.P.D. Officers are better suited to deal with workplace violence situations than average security guards. Average security guards will be completely ineffective and can often make the problems worse. They simply lack the training and experience required.

Below you will find descriptions of each of the four types of workplace violence. Click on the type of workplace violence for more detailed information and to see what services W.A.P.D. can provide to address each one.

TYPE I – Offender has no relationship with the victim or workplace establishment. In these incidents, the motive most often is robbery or another type of crime.

TYPE II – Offender currently receives services from the workplace, often as a customer, client, patient, student, or other type of consumer.

TYPE III – Offender is either a current or former employee who is acting out toward coworkers, managers, or supervisors.

TYPE IV – Offender is not employed at the workplace, but has a personal relationship with an employee. Often, these incidents are due to domestic disagreements between an employee and the offender.

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